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Desktop Monitoring

System monitoring is essential to business to ensure a necessary system is up and running without trouble. Monitoring different aspect of your IT Infrastructure setup can cause a lot of tantrum if not done properly with the right tools.

Web protection

Web protection controls bandwidth blocks malicious websites and manages web usage to help beat bandwidth drain, reduce productivity issues, avoid legal liability and safeguard against cyber attacks.

System Information

  1. System monitoring solution will allow you to remotely view user activity and, security permitting, control applications in memory, all processes running and control from centrally installed services.

Manage your IT from a Single Dashboard

Delivering better service and improving your team’s efficiency

The desktop Management system is simple but flexible feature aimed at making the grouping of remote devices much easier for companies supporting multiple sites such as Country, Cities, and branches.

Desktop management system discovers and track every system software details and provide you customized report.

Deploy policy-based automation such as the deployment of software, control identity, access and proactively resolve issues across your complete environment to increase productivity.

Desktop management system provides you complete performance report of disk, memory, file log and many more.

Why Remote Management Systems?

Our remote management system is a comprehensive approach to managing all the computers within an organization, remote management includes overseeing laptops and other computing devices as well as desktop computers (workstation).

Remote management system Interface is an industry framework for managing and keeping track of hardware details and software components details in a system of personal computers from a central location. Our automated remote management system is particularly beneficial in a network computing environment where dozens or more computers are managed.

Our remote management system can manage your IT Assets, Hardware details, Hardware changes details, Software details, monitoring, Software usage statistics, Managing USB device usage, External HDD usage, taking control of remote desktops, and more.

IT Administrators often find it tough to put together a solution without understanding how vulnerable their systems are but our system provides you one-stop management solution to manage software distribution to install and uninstall software with built-in templates for package creation, Patch deployments.

Alerts and features

Alerts and Management Tools

  • Multiple monitoring.
  • Single alarm engine.
  • Simple alert management
  • Real-time alerts
  • multi-channel notifications
  • Manage multiple locations
  • Patch management
  • USB Device management
  • Windows system tools management
  • Prohibited Software management
  • Browser-based usage management
  • Employee work time management
  • Employee task management
  • Remote performance management
  • And many more….
  • Administrative privileges changing tool
  • USB plugin enable/disable tool
  • Integrated CD/DVD drive disable tool
  • Instant shutdown tool for non IS compliance PC
  • Patch Management tool
  • Remote AV scanning and updater tool
  • Classified data searching tool for selected PC based on customized keywords
  • Data uploading restrictor tool
  • Browser-based usage management tool
  • Employee work time management tool
  • Employee task management tool
  • Remote Registry cleaning tool
  • Allow /deny any software/program for defined users/groups remotely
  • Allow Integrated CD/DVD drive
  • Classified data searching with customized keywords
  • Allow/deny Remote desktop connections remotely
  • Hierarchy  based online chatting (Mandatory /Optional response) feature
  • Remote performance management
  • And many more….
  • Registry cleaner
  • Defragmentation
  • Log Management
  • Error Checking
  • PC On-Off Timer
  • And many more….

Key Features

Admin can set his own priority level and alerts based on his company policy.

Multi-level solution to use for multi-users from different department or from a difference brach

User-based access is a simple login and password combination access allows more granular control of the system and management work load.

The remote management system can be installed on Windows machines in multiple locations across the globe. It polls your on-premises applications through the customized dashboard and sends your pre-defined alerts back to you to manage you IT infra.

Patch Management

We assess a device’s health based on each missing patch. The higher the rating the more critical the patch is to your device’s health and a device is vulnerable, helping you quickly remediate potential gaps and keep users up-to-date with security patches and software updates.

  • Patch Database to assess the vulnerability status of the network
  • Completely automated Patch Management Solution.
  • Solution from detecting the missing patches/hotfix.
  • Patch based deployment
  • System based missing patch deployment
  • Exhaustive reports on system vulnerabilities, patches, OS, etc.
  • Periodic updates on the patch deployment status.

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