Rahku Tech, Founded in 2013. With leverage experience of Professional IT staff.

Rahku Tech is an international brand in the sector of IT field.

We are dedicated to delivering end to end total IT solutions to our respected customer, our range of expertise includes software design for insurance, banking, financial services, manufacturing, telecom, government, retail, petroleum, software, technology, utilities and consumer web product companies. It is missions of Rahku Tech to provide with state of the art technology to the customer for enhancing their positions in the competitive marketplace.

Rahku Tech service includes:

Reliable IT Company

We managed to overcome several difficulties, which we faced from time to time. We perfect our skills to deal with uncommon factors, both internal and external.

Customer – Oriented Company

Our clients are most important for us. We always try to provide our clients with the best way to fulfill their requirements.


That means that we shall adapt to your changing needs and shall offer you the technology that suits you the best.


We always use the advanced IT technology, providing the best quality and the highest reliability.

Open and Transparent

We are an officially registered company, we have legally employed staff and we prefer legal business relations with our clients and partners.

The Team of Individuals

Our team is not simple set of professionals; everyone has unique views and approaches, so we can always choose the right solution for our customer

IT Outsourcing Provider

Our Team has enough IT experience in real software development project. All our people are highly motivated for the best results in each particular project.


Our Offshore Development Software Center possesses the latest infrastructures that are readily available thereby reducing project start time.

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